The feast of Pentecost in the Nikolsky skete

The Trinity Day is a solemn day in the Nikolsky skete of the Seraphim-Diveyevo monastery. The main altar of the church is consecrated in honor of the Life-Giving Trinity.

In 1812, when a large stone church was erected in the village, it was meant to be dedicated to the feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord, but a miracle has happened: a pilgrim woman has arrived to the Trinity Spring near the village following the order from God and received healing there. The godsent healing that happened to the woman apparently prompted the locals to change their mind and the church was consecrated to the Life-Giving Trinity.

The church in Avtodeevo was richly decorated today with a variety of flowers and birch trees. The liturgy was over, with many receiving communion during it, and later everyone walked in a procession around the church. And again, everyone was overcome with joy – one for all, grace-filled, the one that gives life and cheers the hearts. The soul was warmed by the words of the prayer: “Blessed are you, O Christ our God, Who revealed the wise fishers of men, sending down upon them the Holy Spirit, so they caught the universe, the Lover of mankind, glory to You.”

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