“The Mother of God gathered you, calling Herself your Hegumenia…”

The Queen of Heaven appeared to nun Alexandra in Kiev’s St. Florus Ascension Monastery and bade her to travel to the north, visiting along the way all of those Greater Russia’s monasteries dedicated to Her. She also pointed out a location where She vowed to found a great monastery - so great that it would be “unequaled to anything else anywhere in the world before, now, and at anytime in history”. This is how the story of the St. Seraphim-Diveyevo monastery, the fourth domain of the Theotokos after Iveria, Athos and Kiev, began.

The Monastery of Venerable Seraphim

Venerable Seraphim had received a special command from the Mother of God to care for the Diveyevo monastery. His care and concern for the Diveyevo nuns had been inseparable from his unceasing prayerful attention to the Mother of God.

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Президент РФ В.В. Путин посетил Серафимо-Дивеевский женский монастырь

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