Accommodations - Holy Trinity Saint Seraphim-Diveyevo Monastery


The monastery owns 17 hotels and offers comfortable and convenient rooms to stay for its pilgrims.

To book a stay whilst at the monastery, the pilgrims are to visit the Pilgrim Center located at the entrance to the monastery. The monastery charges flat fee for its hotel rooms. At the time of booking, please provide your passport (with valid registration) or the driver’s license. We will be happy to see you!

Booking in advance:

Тel: +7 (83134) 4-39-63, email:

The Pilgrim Center accepts booking requests for their pilgrim hotels. Booking is available as early as 2 months in advance. On weekdays, you may reach us by calling the above number from noon till 4 pm.

Upon your arrival to the monastery, please use the Pilgrim Center office to finish your booking and pay for your stay.

The list of pilgrim hotels and accommodations:

1) The Pilgrim House:

A modern hotel for pilgrims, with its rooms equipped with A/C and all the conveniences

2) Arzamasskaya, 12:

A pilgrim’s hotel, situated 3-5 minute walk from the entrance to the monastery

3) Pervomayskaya, 2:

Its building is located within the historic grounds of the monastery

4) Zhiryakova, 16:

Located within the historic grounds of the monastery, just three houses beyond the eastern corner of the Kanavka

5) Panturova, 6:

A hotel with rooms for 3 and 4 people.

6) Polevaya, 30

A modern pilgrim house within a 20-minute walk from the monastery

7) Rossiyskaya, 11

A two-storey building with rooms for 2, 3, 4 and 5 people

8) Sadovaya, 6

A hotel housing 13 people next to the monastery

9) Sadovaya, 8

A hotel housing 19 people: five rooms for 1, 4, and 6 people

10) Pervomayskaya, 1:

Building is located within the historic grounds of the monastery, for women only.

11) Zhiryakova, 17:

Rooms to accommodate 4, 5, and 7 people. Men and women are accommodated in separate rooms.

12) Stroiteley, 30:

Two-storey house with rooms for 2 and 4 people. Will accommodate 14 people in total.

13) Vostochnaya, 2:

One-storey house to suit only a limited number of pilgrims

14) Martynova, 2-2:

A small monastery hotel for 14, located within a 15-minute walk from the monastery.

15) Mukhtolov House:

A hotel big enough to house 72 people, located behind the Kazan spring

16) Northern Hotel:

Located at the northern end of the village of Diveyevo. Accommodation is free of charge.

17) Voznesensky zkete:

Located 40 km from the monastery in a picturesque place.

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