Ascension of the Lord

The Holy Church solemnly celebrates the Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ to heaven today. “Having ascended to heaven, you have also descended from there..,” the Holy Church is singing today to emphasize the greatness of the Savior. Having completed His glorious earthly ministry, reconciling God and men, the Lord returns to His Father, the place He was before.

We believe that on the day of the Ascension it is possible for man to always remain with God. The path to the height of this sacred glory was shown by Christ to us: it is the path of the cross, purification, self-denial, external and internal suffering.

When the Lord ascended to heaven, He left His precious spiritual inheritance and blessing to His Church. As He ascended aloft, the Savior blessed his disciples until the cloud hid him from sight. This Divine blessing have been imprinted forever in the hearts and memory of the disciples. The holy apostles and ministers of Christianity brought it around the world, making it known to every believing soul, because it stays alive forever filled with the power of grace.

Festive services in the Seraphim-Diveyevo monastery were held in the Transfiguration and Trinity Cathedrals and the Joy of All Who Sorrow Church.