8 June 2023 года

The Florovsky skete celebrates the patronal feast day

On the day of the “Surety of Sinners” Icon of the Mother of God, the Florovsky skete of the Seraphim-Diveyevo monastery celebrated the patronal feast of its cemetery church.

To honor the miraculous icon of the Most Holy Mother of God and to share the joy of the sisters of the hermitage, Hegumenia Sergia, the abbess of the Seraphim-Diveyevo monastery, came to visit the skete.

On the eve of the memorable day, the monastery’s own Rev.Fr. Daniel Gatin celebrated the All-Night Vigil followed by the paraklesis with the water prayer blessing service and the Divine Liturgy on the feast day at the “Surety of Sinners” Church. The festive services concluded with the procession with the cross around the church and the Office of Panagia.

The name of  “Surety of Sinners” vividly expresses the core meaning of the ministry of the Mother of God. She stands surety before God for all sinners. The Mother of God tirelessly offers us help, protects us with Her grace and leads to repentance.

Throughout Her earthly lifein its entirety, She was an example of perfect faith, steadfast hope in God, and pure love for the human race. The Most Holy Mother of God promised protection not only for the apostles, but all believers in their person: “Rejoice! I am with you till the end of days, and I will always be your intercessor in prayer before God.“

The Mother of God has enough mercy and love for all of us, She expects our sincere prayer to become our intercessor and so we appeal to Her today: “Oh, how heavy are my troubles and sorrows! How immeasurable are my sins! How limitless is my fall from grace! My life is akin to the darkness of night. There is no power to assist the sons of men. You are my only Hope. You are my only Intercession, Refuge and Strength.”