The Last School Bell celebration was held at the Alexandrinskaya Orthodox monastery school

The last school bell had rung for the students of Alexandrinskaya Orthodox monastery school last that marked the beginning of the long-awaited summer vacation.

The school has a total of three hundred and thirty-nine students. Ten eleventh-graders will leave the walls of their school this year. Each one of them chose to continue education, having already selected the universities and colleges in Nizhny Novgorod and Sarov. Graduation exams are waiting ahead and their results will determine the possibility of continuing their future studies.

There are twenty-six ninth-graders in the Alexandrinskaya school this year, most of them will keep studying at the tenth grade, buy some will make an attempt to enter the trade schools and colleges

The fourth-graders are also considered to be the graduates. They are twenty-seven of them and they will enter the fifth grade to study in the middle school next year.

At the end of the school year, the students were greeted by nun Natalia (Lyalyushko), the school principal, Rev. Fr. Alexiy Kurnosov, the school’s spiritual adviser, assistant priest Rev.Fr. Daniel Gatin, and teachers. The student recived well wishes and advice from them. As a token of gratitude for their mentors, the students prepared a traditional concert with songs and poems.