17 September 2023 года

Patronal feast at the Meliaevsky Skete

The commemoration day of the “Unburnt Bush” Icon of the Most Holy Mother of God marks the patronal feast of the Meliaevo skete of the Seraphim-Diveyevo monastery. The right side chapel of the church in honor of the “Tenderness” Icon of the Most Holy Mother of God is dedicated to the icon of the Queen of Heaven honored today.

 On the eve and on the memorable day, Archpriest Alexander Naumov, clergyman of the Seraphim-Diveyevo monastery celebrated the All-Night Vigil, water blessing prayer service with the paraklesis and the Divine Liturgy, followed by the procession of the sisters of the monastery and parishioners around the church.

 “Unburnt Bush” is the icon of the Mother of God known from the early centuries of Christianity. She is honored for protection from fires. She is sometimes depicted as a bush covered in flames, and the Mother of God rises above it from the waist up holding the Divine Child in Her arms. More often, the Mother of God is depicted in the center of an octagonal star.

 The date of the veneration of this icon was not chosen by chance by the Church: on this day, the Orthodox Church commemorates the great prophet and God-seer Moses, whose life is associated with the event that gave its name to the icon glorified today.