7 June 2023 года

Text of the service to the Venerable Martha of Diveyevo has been published

The Seraphim-Diveyevo monastery has published the text of the service to the Venerable Martha of Diveyevo. The publication also includes the icon of the ascetic and a short hagiography.

The service text for the Venerable Martha was approved by the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church on September 24, 2021.

You may purchase the publication at bookshops in the monastery or online at: diveevo-lavka.ru/.

Venerable Martha resided merely for six years in Diveyevo and died at the age of nineteen in the rank of the Nun in Great Schema. Schema is the inheritance of the perfect ones, the utmost degree of monasticism that was bestowed on the maiden so young in age.

The “unparallel and hitherto unseen young lad” has become Venerable Seraphim’s spiritual friend and companion. She was particularly beloved by the elder who let her into a great many spiritual revelations about the future of Diveyevo.

Batiushka Seraphim prophesied that the relics of schema Nun Martha would rest openly in the Diveyevo monastery; she so pleased God that she was granted incorruption.

“As the Lord selecte Catherine the martyr to be his bride, so did I chose Maria out of the twelve virgins to be my bride in the future. And she will be your superior up there,” this is how the elder foretold the sisters of Diveyevo about the great fate of the Schema Nun Martha as their head nun in the Kingdom of Heaven.