A group from the All-Russian Society of the Blind visited the Diveyevo monastery

A group from the Nagornaya local branch of the All-Russian Society of the Blind in Nizhny Novgorod arrived to venerate the Diveyevo relics. Tatiana Lobacheva, the chairman of the organization, accompanied the group.

“It is undoubtedly in God’s providence that we have came here on the Sixth week after Pascha dedicated to the healing of the blind. We didn’t choose this week on purpose, our sponsors provided us with the transportation, and we were excited to come,” says Tatiana Alekseevna.

The group consists of thirty-six people and includes the members of the society of the blind, their relatives, and accompanying persons. The youngest pilgrim is the first-grade student, whereas the oldest pilgrim is 83 years old. They share strong faith and love for the Most Holy Mother of God and Her Fourth Lot on earth and Batiushka Seraphim.

It was not the first time the majority of visitors arrived to Diveyevo and the Nizhny Novgorod local organization of the All-Russian Society for the Blind makes an effort to organize pilgrimage trips annually. There was no opportunity to come during the last few years, so this year’s visit was the long-awaited trip.

While at the Seraphim-Diveyevo monastery, the guests prayed at the Holy Kanavka, venerated the relics of Venerable Seraphim of Sarov and the saints of Diveyevo, and, as they were heading back home, they took a dip in the holy spring of the Wonderworker of Sarov near Tsyganovka.

“We’ve got so many memories made here! My heart rejoices and joy overflows the soul. The blind or visually impaired have a keen perception of life and we observe everything with our hearts,” Tatiana shared.