12 September 2023 года

Remembrance day of the Holy Righteous Prince Alexander Nevsky

The Alexander Nevsky refectory church of the Seraphim-Diveyevo monastery celebrates its patronal feast today. Early-morning Divine Liturgy was held there.

 The Holy Great Prince Alexander Nevsky remains in the memory of descendants, above all, as a builder and guardian of Holy Rus. But he became a saint not because he was a wise ruler, a talented commander, a courageous warrior or a brilliant diplomat. He became a saint precisely because, as a prince, the head of the people and the state, he saw the meaning of his power in ministry. Alexander dedicated his whole life to God and people with his faith in God being the basis of everything he was doing.

 St. Alexander Nevsky takes a unique place as the patron of our country and its legitimate power as a great example of sacrificial service to its people. That is why we pray that he never ceases to intercede before God for his beloved Motherland and the descendants of those he so faithfully and truly served.

 On September 12, of new calendar style, we commemorate the transfer of relics of the Holy Righteous Prince from Vladimir-on-Klyazma the Alexander Nevsky Lavra in St. Petersburg that took place in 1724.