Day of Remembrance of Xenia Kocheulova

Xenia Mikhailovna was prayerfully remembered at the Seraphim-Diveyevo monastery. 

On February 6, the Name Day of Xenia Mikhailovna Kocheulova, the third superior nun of the Diveyevo’s Our Lady of Kazan monastic community, a remembrance litya service was served at her grave beside the altar wall of the Kazan Cathedral. 

Xenia Mikhailovna headed the community for over forty years during the lifetime of father Seraphim. For her strictness and ascetic life, the Sarov elder called her a “pillar of fire from earth to heaven” and a “spiritual rasp.”

Father sent the future venerable saints Martha and Elena to reside under Xenia Mikhailovna’s guidance. She headed the community during the turbulent years full of spiritual exploits. But these hardships had, in turn, brought up the great spiritual elders of the future Diveyevo monastery and mentors of true spiritual life.


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