Prayers of thanksgiving about the monastery and the monastics



Today is the Hegumenia Day at the Diveyevo monastery. After the late-morning Divine Liturgy in the Trinity Cathedral, a prayer of thanksgiving was served with the singing of the “Many Years!” to Matushka Sergiya.


On behalf of all clergymen of the Seraphim-Diveyevo monastery, Rev. Fr. Vladimir Kargin, senior priest of the monastery, congratulated Matushka Sergiya on this memorable day, thanked her for her labors and care for the monastery, and wished her good health and success in her work. Fr. Vladimir remarked that the Most Holy Mother of God, the Superior Hegumenia of the Diveyevo monastery, does not leave Her fourth lot without prayers and intercession.


At the end of the prayer service, a litya service was held at the graves of Hegumenia Maria (Ushakova) and Hegumenia Alexandra (Trakovskaya) followed by the office of Panagia with the procession.


Following the festive meal, a general photo was taken of a large monastic family on the steps of the Trinity Cathedral. Later on, the sisters led by Hegumenia Sergiya went around the Holy Kanavka as a way of thanking the Queen of Heaven for intercession and asking for Her blessing as they carry out their monastic obedience.


After the prayers on the Holy Kanavka, Matushka and sisters venerated the relics of the Diveyevo saints at Our Lady of Kazan Cathedral and the Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God seeking their intercession before the Lord for their holy monastery.


Live footage of the festive services and prayerful procession at the Holy Kanavka was produced by Nizhny Novgorod’s “Obraz” (Russian for “icon.” – tr.) TV company.

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