Archbishop Seraphim of Kaliningrad and Baltic celebrated the Divine Liturgy in the Annunciation Cathedral

The feast day of the “Quick To Hear” Icon of the Most Holy Mother of God and the remembrance day of the holy hierarch and wonderworker Nektarios of Aegina, Metropolitan of Pentapolis, were marked by the hierarchical service in the Seraphim-Diveyevo monastery. Archbishop Seraphim of Kaliningrad and Baltic, the head of the Kaliningrad Diocese, presided at the late-morning Divine Liturgy at the monastery’s Annunciation Cathedral.

In his sermon after communion, Archpriest Igor Borisov of the Seraphim-Diveyevo monastery spoke about the first miracle that occurred from the “Quick to Hear” icon of the Mother of God in the XVII century in the Docheiariou monastery on Athos, and merciful kindness and help of the Queen of Heaven in modern times. Batiushka shared that he visited the Docheiariou monastery and he was able to pray in front of this miraculous icon of the Most Holy Mother of God.

The preacher noted that the negligence and disrespect for the Most Holy Mother of God first shown by the Athonite monk Neilos is characteristic of many of us as well. We do not seem to try to keep our hearts pure; we often see only the external attributes in life and fail to think about the pivotal, spiritual side of things. But, just like the bodily illness of monk Neilos was what caused his spiritual transformation, Father Igor also wished that those who came to pray in the cathedral would strive to live righteously and never offend the Most Holy Mother of God with deeds and thoughts to become Her true children.

Following the Divine Liturgy, Archbishop Seraphim of Kaliningrad and Baltic congratulated everyone with the feast of the “Quick to Hear” Icon of the Mother of God and noted that even the title of the icon testifies about the Mother of God’s quick intercession for anyone who needs it.

The Right Reverend Vladyka drew the attention of the faithful to a good lesson that may be learned on the account of the miracle from this icon of the Queen of Heaven. “It is a sin to grow accustomed to the holy relic and lose reverence before it,” said Vladyka Seraphim. “For we should not waste time, and, whenever we attend the church service, we should be attentive to the readings and singing we hear there. We should stand during the service in such a way as if we were in Heaven and venerate the icons of the Mother of God as if we venerated the Queen of Heaven Herself.”

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